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Crown type: 10r yellow of Macau sent to India when 10r of India sent to Macau (& known used in Macau)--should be Macau used in India! JF 62:7-8

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- also OF 193:6-7; second series OF 195:14

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-- 1955 issue retired. CFP 116/117:24

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Postal relations with the Indian Union reestablished 15 Sept. 1955; cachet on delayed mail. CFP 54:7

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Late usages (post 1961) of CTT cancels & whatever happened to Vasco da Gama, India? AFP 101:17-19

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Should we continue to issue postage stamps for India? [essay] OF 210:1-2, 211/12:1-2, & 214/15:1-2

Legislation making void money orders & reply coupons from India. CFP 130:26

Postal relations with "Goa" reestablished 10 July 1974 [legislation] CFP 279:17

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