Samples and proofs of the "Vasco da Gama" omnibus issue

Moriarty 2013

High resolution scans of figures from article

Scans are 1200 dpi. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Progressive proof of the 75 réis stamp of Portgual. Sheetlet stamp of the Portugal 150 réis with all the characteristics common to the sample stamps. Salesmen's sample affixed to card showing the S.T. number and address. The stamp is missing several characteristics of the stamps from the sheetlet.

Sheetlet corresponding to progressive proof. Sample with similar characteristics to the salesman's sample but not affixed to card. Sample stamp with all the characteristics of a Waterlow & Sons sample.

Sample stamp missing the two overprints, hole-punch and perforations. Item with similar characteristics to salesman's sample. Item similar to samples but has very poor print quality.